Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sausage stir fry w/a side of Mexican Style Corn

Growing up, I recall that I wasn't able to keep friends for very long, for some strange or odd reason, our family liked to move around a lot. No we weren't in the military, my father was already a Vietnam War vet,
and no we weren't rich, these moves I imagined were very costly.  We grew up in a one bedroom 450sq ft apartment with walls so paper thin that you could hear the neighbors arguing about their extra marital affairs among other interesting topics. I guess we can conclude that it wasn't easy for my parents to settle in anywhere, we went from the "Hood" to the "Barrio" trying to find our niche. Despite constantly moving and not being able to establish a best friend that many children growing up had, the fact that I grew up bits and pieces of my life with different cultures had a large influence on who I am today. My tolerance, my understanding and most importantly appreciation for others cultures is incomparable to the average functional family....(i.e.we were extremely dysfunctional and my father was the ring leader in a 3 ring circus,we were nuts)

That being said my neighbors were Milton Martinez and Ricardo Hernandez, Mexican and Puerto Rican respectively. While most Vietnamese kids grew up only eating rice, I was introduced to the many Latino dishes and traditions. However a snack, one snack that I would buy almost everyday for $1 from the guy pushing the cart named Ricardo that didn't speak a word of English would change my life as I know it. I knew it as Mexican Corn or "Elotes." I would literally die and go to heaven w/each bite, boiled corn on the cob slathered w/butter, parmesan cheese and chile powder... Back then I didn't speak Spanish, Milton and Ricardo's mother didn't speak English, Milton and Ricardo weren't able to translate what the dishes were but as we foodies know it, food only has one language, and two words to affiliate themselves with, good or no good.  Yes, the elements of our environment deemed it necessary to call our little neighborhood "The Barrio" which I assume is the Latino Hood and either its coincidence or ironic but why is every other guy in the "Barrio" name Ricardo? I still have yet to understand.... Anyhoo, the dishes I present to you guys today are simple, Latino inspired dishes w/an Asian twist, a fusion of sort, and I'll explain...

First we have Sausage stir fry w/bell peppers, portobello mushrooms,and red onions.(Chorizo con verduras)
and Mexican styled corn(Maiz Mexicano)

With regards to the Mexican styled corn, I didn't have corn on the cob therefore I used corn in a can which works just as well. The ladies in the trailer in front of Fiesta on Hwy 6 and Bellaire sell it this way but the corn makes it a little more fun.

2 sausage links
few slices of bell peppers
few slices of portobello mushrooms
few slices of red onion
1 can of corn
3 table spoons of butter/margarine in a bottle preferably
chile powder and Parmesan cheese

Method for cooking:
In a wok/skillet heat up 2 table spoons of cooking oil, and add your sliced sausage links...(Chorizo would be best)
Cook thoroughly tossing and covering, once cooked add your vegetables and cover....
Once cooked it's best served w/rice or Corn tortilla's

For the corn....

I used the same wok but wiped off the oil from the sausage,

  • Add corn toss
  • Add butter
  • Add chile powder toss
  •  Once it's heated up transfer to a plate and add additional butter if you wish,add your parmesan and you are now done....

I hope you enjoyed this article, take a bite out of my childhood favorites....


  1. MaiJul 3, 2010 08:56 PM
    Like the story. "Food only has one language, and two words...". Very true.
  2. AnhJul 8, 2010 03:52 PM
    This is another great corn dish!
    I remember when the sweet corns were available in Hanoi for the first time – nice and juicy. Childhood memory!
  3. Val and ManiJul 22, 2010 11:50 AM
    We like how you threw the classic sausage-and-peppers combo into a stirfry party. Thanks. Now we're hungry.
  4. SupplementsJun 21, 2011 06:46 PM
    Stir-fried sausage tastes well with buttered corn.


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