Monday, May 31, 2010

Chicken Mango Stir Fry

Hola my's life been? I am sorry for the hiatus, like many of us, there has been a lot going on in my life, some of us handle stress better then others while some us rather crawl under a rock and hide. Too much to explain and perhaps not the right forum to do so, some of us go shopping to alleviate the stress, some of us smoke or do drugs, but like a true foodie, I EAT! This dish I present to you is nothing fancy, it just happened by chance, and for my recent liking of Mango's. For a long time I have never eaten a mango, and the one's I did eat were the one's my wife would share with me, you know, The unripe green sour mango's dipped in spicy salt??? If you don't know where I'm coming from I guess you have to be Vietnamese to understand, and specifically a Vietnamese girl/Woman who enjoys your sours, as for me, sour...not so much...

Needless to say, I enjoy a ripen sweet mango, like no tomorrow, and chicken, it compliments my desire to move away from red meat. Here is a recipe that will tickle your toe nails, so easy that it will make you want to drop your trousers and scream hallelujah!!!!

1 chicken breat
1 mango
few pinches of black pepper
few pinches of salt
few pinches of MSG (MSG is not that bad for you M.S.G. make something good)
2 tablespoons of oyster sauce
Slice your chicken breast and season w/black pepper,salt and MSG
Slice and prep your mango,cut like a turtle shell,it'll make it easier to peel off of the skin
Heat your wok
Add 1 tablespoons of cooking oil
Add chicken and stir until the edges are slightly browned
Add your oyster sauce
Add your mangoes and toss

You are now ready to serve, best if served w/rice you could also add red bell peppers to add color.


  1. Rice PaletteMay 31, 2010 03:20 PM
    Cool recipe.. I have a recipe where I use peaches, but I tried substitution with mangoes, and it was delicious as well


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